September 2021

Social Equity and Community Engagement

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County News Center

San Diego County CA Adopts Environmental Justice Element for General Plan: San Diego County CA’s Board approved the inclusion of their first Environmental Justice Element for their general plan to support efforts towards supporting communities that experience greater environmental disadvantages due to historical disenfranchisement.

Houston TX's Youth Climate Ambassadors Program Connects with Community: Houston TX, local nonprofit EcoRise, and Hire Houston Youth have partnered to launch a summer Youth Climate Ambassador program to train young people to be climate leaders in their communities.

Dubuque IA Launches Solar Payment Assistance Program: Dubuque IA has launched Renew DBQ, a pilot program that is planning to provide $3,285 to 10 residents who are seeking financial support to install solar panels on their homes.

 GHG Reduction

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The Tribune

Cambridge MA Releases Resilient Cambridge Plan: Cambridge MA released their Resilient Cambridge Plan which includes 34 strategies in four action categories to increase resilience including Closer Neighborhoods, Better Buildings, Stronger Infrastructure, and Greener City.

San Luis Obispo CA Commits to Carbon Neutrality by 2030: San Luis Obispo CA adopted a plan to meet their goal of carbon neutrality by 2030 through preservation and enhancement of open space and urban forest, sustainable and alternative transportation, and planning and implementation for resilience.

Watsonville CA Adjusts Net Negative Carbon Emissions Deadline: Watsonville CA approved a resolution to move its goal of reaching net-negative carbon emissions from 2045 to 2030, with efforts including habitat restoration, tree planting, and building a microgrid system.

Sedona AZ Approves First-Ever Climate Action Plan: Sedona AZ’s City Council approved their first Climate Action Plan with a target to reduce 50% of their GHG emissions by 2030 by increasing energy efficiency, sourcing from renewables, and reducing driving.

San Francisco CA Approves New Climate Action Goals: San Francisco CA approved a new comprehensive update to their Environment Code as well as new targets for reducing GHG emissions 61% by 2030 and becoming a net-zero city by 2040 through steps including working towards zero waste, vehicle electrification, renewable energy, and rehabilitating existing housing.

Linn County IA Completes First GHG Inventory: Linn County IA completed and released their first GHG emissions inventory report using data from their 2010 baseline inventory and focusing on the increasing intensity of storms due to climate change.

Eugene OR Purchases Carbon Offsets to Reach Climate Action Goals: Eugene OR recently purchased $52,000 of carbon offsets through their Climate Trust to compensate for their GHG emissions in an effort to reach their climate action goals.

Irvine CA Becomes First Orange County City to Pledge Carbon Neutrality: Irvine CA became the first city in Orange County CA to approve a pledge of carbon neutrality by 2030 with plans to leverage their CCE membership in their efforts.

Urban Sustainability 

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The Buffalo News

Lebanon NH Recognized as Municipal Energy Champion: Lebanon NH won a Municipal Energy Champion Award at the annual New Hampshire Renewable Energy Conference due to its many achievements including hiring a new Energy and Facilities Manager and installing solar power to supply 23% of their electricity.

Vail CO to Develop Sustainable Tourism Plan: Vail CO is working on their Destination Stewardship plan to preserve their natural resources while enhancing their economy.

Washington DC Takes Steps to Make Solar Energy Shopping Easier: Washington DC has partnered with online marketplace EnergySage to help residents compare and shop options for solar installation on their property or look into subscribing to a local community solar farm.

Pittsburgh PA Strengthens Urban Agriculture with International Partner: Pittsburgh PA has partnered with Dortmund, Germany, in the International Urban and Regional Cooperation Program to support each other in developing localized sustainable urban agriculture policies.

Boulder CO Launches New Shared Micromobility Program: Boulder CO has partnered with companies Lime and BCycle, the University of Colorado Boulder, Boulder County CO, and the Boulder Chamber to launch a shared micromobility program that will provide e-scooters and e-bikes in an effort to reduce vehicle use.

Albuquerque NM Starts EV Ready Dealership Program: Albuquerque NM launched an Electrified Dealer Program to provide specialized EV training and educational materials to local dealers in order to enhance the EV purchasing experience and increase purchases throughout the city.