July 2021

Social Equity and Community Engagement

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Boston MA Works with Massachusett Tribe to Create Preservation Plan: Boston MA’s Archaeology Team is working closely with the Massachusett Tribe at Ponkapoak and the NPS to create an archaeological preservation plan for the 34 Boston Harbor Islands and Peninsulas.

 GHG Reduction

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Honolulu HI Passes First Climate Action Plan: Honolulu HI’s City Council unanimously approved their One Climate, One O’ahu Climate Action Plan with nine strategies and 47 actions to implement by 2025, including electrifying ground transportation, increasing walking and biking, encouraging more density and mixed land use, increasing energy efficiency and renewable energy, and reducing solid waste.

Beverly MA Releases Draft Climate Action Plan: USDN member Beverly MA has collaborated with Salem MA to release their draft Resilient Together climate action plan and open it for public comment.

Flagstaff AZ Adopts 2030 Carbon Neutrality Plan: Flagstaff AZ adopted a 2030 Carbon Neutrality Plan, including a goal to reduce emissions by 44%, create more resilient communities, systems, and resources, and take an equitable approach to climate adaptation and mitigation.

Boise ID Adopts New Carbon Neutrality Goal: Boise ID approved a set of new climate action goals to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, outlined in a Climate Action Roadmap focused on buildings and energy, transportation, consumption and waste, food systems, the natural environment, water, and innovation and engagement.

Climate Resilience 

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Connect Texas

Dallas TX Adopts First Urban Forest Master Plan: Dallas TX’s City Council unanimously approved an Urban Forest Master Plan to implement more green spaces for shade, cooling, improved air quality, flood control, and positive public health impacts.

Urban Sustainability 

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St. Louis Park MN Awarded for Sustainability Work: St. Louis Park MN was recognized for achieving the highest step of the Minnesota GreenStep Challenge, which supported them in implementing best practice actions to meet their Climate Action Plan goals.

Burlington VT Adopts Mandatory Rental Weatherization Ordinance: Burlington VT adopted a mandatory rental weatherization ordinance to require existing buildings to be brought up to modern insulation and air sealing standards.

Denver CO Commits to 100% Renewable Electricity Goal: Denver has committed to achieving 100% renewable electricity for 256 city and county municipal buildings by 2025 in the hopes that they can keep emissions low, particularly as summers get hotter and air conditioning is used more frequently.

Tempe AZ Installs EV Charging at Public Library: Tempe AZ partnered with their public library to install seven new EV charging stations in an effort to encourage the use of EVs in the city and triple the number of public charging stations by 2025.