May 2019

 GHG Reduction

Boise Sets Goal to Transition to 100% Clean Energy by 2035: Boise's City Council approved a goal to power 100% of city operations and the community with clean energy by 2035. 

Denver Launches LED Streetlights Conversion Project: Denver will be converting 44,000 streetlights to LEDs, which will reduce the city's energy costs and improve street visibility.

Columbia Releases Draft Climate Action and Adaptation Plan for Community Feedback: Columbia is seeking feedback from the community on its draft Climate Action and Adaptation Plan, which includes strategies to reduce GHG emissions and better prepare the community for climate change impacts. 

Missoula County Approves Climate Action Related Legislation: Missoula County Commissioners approved a resolution that sets a carbon neutrality goal for county operations by 2035 and establishes a committee to identify actions. In addition, they approved new zoning regulations requiring new cryptocurrency mining operations to offset their energy use by funding or building new renewable energy projects.

Missoula and Missoula County Adopt Joint Resolution for 100% Clean Electricity by 2030: The County and City of Missoula jointly adopted a goal of transitioning to 100% clean electricity in urban areas by 2030. 

New York City Approves Climate Change Legislation: New York City's Council passed the Climate Mobilization Act, a seven-bill legislative package, which includes requiring buildings over 25,000 square feet to reduce emissions 40% by 2030 and 80% by 2050, creating a PACE financing program, and moving the city towards replacing its 24 gas-fired power plants with renewable energy.

New York City to Impose Congestion Pricing: New York City will become the first city in the United States to implement a congestion pricing plan, through the state budgeting process, where drivers will pay a fee to drive in parts of Manhattan starting in 2021.

Palo Alto Reports on Sustainability and Climate Action Progress in 2018: Palo Alto published their annual progress report and found a GHG emissions reduction of 56.5% from a 1990 baseline, despite a 20.4% increase in population.

Seattle Releases Latest Environmental and Climate Action Progress Report: Seattle released its progress report on key environmental and climate action accomplishments in seven priority areas and tracked progress on the city's goal of eliminating racial disparities in environmental outcomes

Climate Resilience

New York City Plans for Resiliency in Lower Manhattan: New York City announced a $500 million plan to protect lower Manhattan from the effects of climate change, including projects to improve flood protection, extend the shoreline, and reinforce coastal areas.  

Social Equity

Washington DC Releases First Health Equity Report: Washington DC released its first Health Equity Report, a comprehensive report focusing on social and structural determinants of health in the city and outlines potential opportunities.

Urban Sustainability

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Los Angeles Countywide Sustainability Plan Discussion Draft 

Cleveland and Los Angeles County Win American Planning Associate (APA) Awards for Excellence in Sustainability: The APA Sustainable Communities Division Sixth Annual Awards for Excellence in Sustainability selected Cleveland for the Community Sustainability or Resilience Plan Award and Los Angeles County for the Sustainable Park, Recreation, or Open Space Plan or Project Award.

Atlanta Issues $14 Million Environmental Impact Bond for Green Infrastructure Projects: Atlanta released a $14 million publicly offered environmental impact bond to fund several green stormwater infrastructure projects to protect the watershed.

Austin Reports on Sustainability Progress in 2018: Austin published its 2018 Annual Sustainability Report that highlights key accomplishments in sustainable food systems, climate action, schools, and community engagement and outreach.

Denver Achieves LEED for Cities Platinum Certification: Denver received Platinum Certification in the LEED for Cities Program, which allows cities to benchmark and communicate performance in ongoing sustainability initiatives.

Grand Rapids Approves First Strategic Plan: Grand Rapids' City Commission adopted its first Comprehensive Strategic Plan, which indicates health and environment as priority areas and outlines actions to reduce carbon emissions and increase climate resiliency.

Los Angeles County Releases First Draft Sustainability Plan for Public Comment: Los Angeles County is seeking feedback from the public on its first draft comprehensive, regional sustainability plan, which includes strategies to advance carbon neutrality by 2050.

Philadelphia to Create an Urban Agriculture Plan: Philadelphia will be creating its first urban agriculture plan that will include deep community engagement to coordinate, promote, and grow urban agriculture while ensuring it is practiced safely.