November 2015 Urban Sustainability Innovation Report

Strength in Numbers: Cities Collaborate to Influence State Policy for Energy Benchmarking - USDN members align the voices of building owners and public agencies around a common goal: access to building energy data. MORE>>

Addressing Inequity and Moving Forward in Legacy and Post-Industrial Cities - USDN members learn that focusing on downtowns, committing to community equity, and leveraging a unique sense of place are all important to progress in legacy cities and non-legacy cities alike. MORE>>

The Method behind Marketing Sustainable Behaviors - Two projects with eight USDN members take the guesswork out of influencing people's behavior for sustainable outcomes. MORE>>

Climate Change Discussion: Carbon Neutral Cities Alliance Mayors Meet with Pope Francis - The Pope called for the meeting following his May 2015 encyclical on ecology and climate change, in which he urged the protection of our "common home." MORE>>

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