USDN membership is open to U.S. and Canadian municipal sustainability directors who want to actively engage with and learn from their peers.

Potential members must be local government staff with cross-departmental and community-wide responsibility for sustainability programs. They must have proven sustainability practices to share and commit to active participation in the network.

Potential members are encouraged to join a partner network, if available.

Questions? Contact us at

Benefits of membership

USDN members report that access to the network enables them to work faster and more effectively.

Members find solutions to key challenges, get new ideas, and avoid replicating problems already faced by peers. Perhaps most importantly, members develop valuable relationships and create a sense of community while developing the professional field of practice.

  • All activities are member-driven, designed to meet the evolving needs of the field.
  • Members focus on climate change mitigation, preparedness, and social equity.

USDN activities fall into two main categories:

  1. Peer Learning: USDN is a safe place for members to freely learn from peers about what does and does not work. Members do this by (1) networking virtually and in person, (2) learning from peers’ successes and challenges, and (3) accessing data and model resources.
  2. Collaboration: USDN also proactively supports members that band together to achieve a common goal. Members do this by (1) innovating around shared challenges, (2) learning together as they adopt similar practices, and (3) exerting their collective influence on the field.

If you meet membership requirements and want to learn more, fill out the form below! If you are part of an existing USDN member community, please work with your Core Participant to obtain a profile.