April 2015 Urban Sustainability Innovation Report

FEATURED USDN INNOVATION STORY: Converting Energy Benchmarking Information into Energy Savings: What began as a convening of cities in 2012, supported by the USDN Innovation Fund, has turned into several guidance reports for cities and a second convening of cities leading the way. USDN members have been leaders in instituting mandatory energy performance benchmarking and disclosure for commercial buildings - in an effort to develop information that will increase demand for energy efficient facilities and, therefore, stimulate owner investment in energy efficiency. As more cities put mandates in place, attention has turned to how cities can ensure that performance data is communicated to the marketplace in ways that spur consumer demand and motivate building owners to invest in energy efficiency. More »

INNOVATOR PROFILE: Jill Simmons (Seattle, Washington) is managing the city's mandatory commercial building benchmarking ordinance in a way that allows it to grow and innovate, learning from peer cities in USDN along the way. More »

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