November 2017 Urban Sustainability Innovation Report

November 2017 - Undertaking Energy System Transformation

Re-conceptualizing energy systems: Cities moving together towards whole energy system transformation. Since 2013, the USDN Family of Funds has supported nine different instances of peer exchange, learning, and collaboration around tools to allow cities to be successful in their energy system overhauls. Find out how the concept has spanned member cities and funds in just a few short years.  MORE »

Building Strategies for Energy System Transformation: CNCA cities work together to scale best building practices across continents. CNCA has heavily funded city collaborations that scale building performance strategies from around the globe. Impacts to date include new building codes in Vancouver and the planning of a San-Francisco Energiesprong program launch, among others. This article details how practices are explored, borrowed, and adapted between countries. MORE »

Equitable Energy Transformation: Making energy efficiency and renewable energy accessible. When communities realize that retrofits and renewables can be inaccessible to some community members, they mobilize to understand why, and what can be done to change this.  MORE »

Tackling Utility Transformation: Brett KenCairn discusses Boulder’s journey towards utility municipalization, and how cities are only one piece of the energy system transformation puzzle. Since 2013, Boulder, CO has instigated USDN and CNCA collaborations around energy system transformation strategies. What are Brett’s reflections on this work after 4 years of leadership? Read on to find out.  MORE »