June 2019

 GHG Reduction

Anchorage Adopts Climate Action Plan: Anchorage's Assembly approved the city's Climate Action Plan, which includes strategies to reduce GHG emissions 40% by 2030 and 80% by 2050. 

Ithaca Approves Green New Deal: Ithaca's Common Council passed a Green New Deal resolution that sets a community-wide goal of carbon neutrality by 2030 with an emphasis on equitable actions through the development of a climate action plan, adoption of green building policies, and the addition of staff to assist with implementation.

Vancouver Commits to New Carbon Reduction Strategy: Vancouver approved a new roadmap to align with the declared climate emergency, including actions to meet their new carbon neutral goal by 2050 in six key areas.

St. Paul Seeks Public Comment on Draft Climate Action and Resilience Plan: St. Paul released its draft Climate Action and Resilience Plan for public comment, which include actions to prepare populations and areas most sensitive to extreme weather and to advance their carbon neutrality by 2050 goal.

Seattle to Require New Developments to Provide EV Ready Equipment: Seattle approved legislation that will require new development with parking to provide the basic equipment necessary to install EV chargers.

Utah Passes Community Renewable Energy Act: Salt Lake City, Park City, and Summit County worked with their investor-owned utility to develop legislation passed by the State of Utah allowing the utility to supply a net-100% renewable electricity portfolio by 2030 to its customers.

Burlington Launches Lawn Mower Rebate Program: The Burlington Electric Department will now offer residential and commercial rebates for the purchase of electric mowers.

Climate Resilience

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Resilient DC

Victoria BC Receives $15.3 Million for Climate Resilience Infrastructure Upgrades: Victoria BC will be receiving CAD $15.3 million in federal funds to replace or refurbish parts of the water distribution, sanitary-sewer and storm drain systems to better withstand impacts from climate change. 

Washington DC Releases First Resilience Strategy: Washington DC published its first resilience strategy in partnership with 100RC, providing a roadmap to prepare the city for new challenges and changes with actions related to inclusive growth, climate, smart cities, health, and equity.  

Social Equity

Denver Approves Strategic Master Plan for Parks and Recreation: Denver will implement the Game Plan for a Healthy City that provides a roadmap for its parks, recreation, and facilities, establishing easy access to parks and open space as a basic right for all residents.

Urban Sustainability

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2016-2018 Annual Sustainability Report - Baltimore Office of Sustainability

Partner for Places Announces Round 14 Grantees: The Funders' Network for Smart Growth and Livable Communities announced that five communities, including Cleveland, Evanston, Milwaukee, Newark, and San Diego will receive matching funding for community renewable energy planning, affordable, energy efficient, and resilient housing, equity and sustainability in schools, job training in green stormwater infrastructure, and climate action implementation.

USDN/CNCA Members Top CDP's A List: Adelaide, Arlington, Boston, Calgary, Cleveland, Denver, Emeryville, Fremont, Indianapolis, Lakewood, Melbourne, Minneapolis, New York City, North Vancouver, Oakland, Palo Alto, San Francisco, San Leandro, Seattle, Sydney, Toronto, Washington DC, and West Palm Beach were among the 43 cities selected for the CDP A List, a ranking of the world's cities leading on environmental action.

Baltimore Reports on Sustainability Progress: Baltimore released their 2016-2018 Annual Sustainability Report, recognizing accomplishments and sharing stories on major milestones in six key areas, including equity, community, human-made systems, climate and resilience, nature in the city, and economy.

Buffalo Releases Rain Check 2.0 Report: City of Buffalo and the Buffalo Sewer Authority released a report that identifies opportunities for green infrastructure, highlights equity considerations, and presents data results to understand social, environmental, and economic contexts.

Contra Costa County Launches Collaborative Sustainable Community Challenge: Contra Costa County is leading a sustainability challenge for residents, committing them to take sustainable actions in energy, transportation, and water and to collaborate with other households.

Honolulu Publishes First Annual Sustainability Report: Honolulu released its first Annual Sustainability Report that outlining key accomplishments and future actions in climate, resiliency, water security, and waste.

Sunrise Adopts Sustainability Action Plan: Sunrise's City Commission adopted the Sustainability Action Plan, which outlines guiding principles and recommended actions for the city and community on resiliency, sustainability, and climate action.

Tacoma Highlights Progress in Annual Environmental Action Plan Report: Tacoma published its 2018 progress report highlighting key accomplishments towards its goals in natural systems, air, local food, buildings and energy, transportation, materials management, and resilience.

Washington DC Updates Sustainability Plan: Washington DC released Sustainable DC 2.0, their updated sustainability plan with input from over 4,000 people, which includes more innovative and inclusive actions to achieve sustainability goals across 13 topic areas.

Sustainable Nation Podcast Features Providence: Leah Bamberger, Providence's Director of Sustainability, was recently featured on the Sustainable Nation podcast and discussed the city's approach to renewable energy and energy efficiency, the Climate Justice Plan, and the importance of collaborative, community-led decision-making processes.