June 2015 Urban Sustainability Innovation Report

FEATURED USDN INNOVATION STORY: Is Sustainable Consumption "Sustainability 2.0"?: When a team of city practitioners and leading researchers got into a room to learn about sustainable consumption, why did they leave the room wondering if sustainable consumption is truly "sustainability 2.0". More »

Lessons from the EcoDistricts Policy Toolkit: The district-scale approach to sustainable urban regeneration is now a critical city-making tool in repairing our stressed infrastructure, reducing gentrification, obesity and poverty, as well as building greater resilience to the impacts of a changing climate. More »

INNOVATOR PROFILE: David Driskell (Boulder) is the Executive Director of Community Planning and Sustainability for the City of Boulder. He's learned that asking lots of questions (including ones about his own sanity) puts him on the right track to transforming his community's energy future. More »

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