September 2018 Urban Sustainability Bulletin

September 2018

 2018 Global Climate Action Summit

Welcome to those in San Francisco for this week's 2018 Global Climate Action Summitand Official Affiliate Events!  We are thrilled to have the international spotlight on USDN member San Francisco as host city and many of our member communities' sustainability staff and elected officials in this important week. USDN and CNCA staff will be in attendance and key take-aways from the Summit will be shared in the October report.
The Global Climate Action Summit (GCAS) Selects Chris Castro as a "Climate Trailblazer": Chris Castro, City of Orlando's Director of Sustainability, is selected as one of twenty-two 2018 GCAS "Climate Trailblazers," an honor that recognizes individuals from around the world who represent both emerging and established voices on climate change action, activism, and ambition. 
Carbon Neutral Cities Alliance (CNCA) Releasing Game Changers Report: CNCA is releasing its Game Changers Report on September 12 as part of the Global Climate Action Summit that highlights the key policies and practices that CNCA cities have found to be transformational in addressing their most pressing GHG emission challenges.

 GHG Reduction

Victoria BC Sets GHG Emissions Reduction and Renewable Energy Goals: Victoria BC approved their Climate Leadership Plan outlining climate action goals and strategies, including a GHG emissions reduction goal of 80% and renewable energy goal of 100% by 2050. 
Philadelphia Plans for Clean and Affordable Energy System: Philadelphia released Powering Our Future: A Clean Energy Vision for Philadelphia, a report that outlines a long-term vision to meet carbon reduction goals through working together with the community and modeling the impacts of potential programs and policies.
Surrey Adopts the BC Energy Step Code: Surrey BC adopted the BC Energy Step Code, a set of incremental building energy performance levels, which includes energy benchmarking requirements for new buildings over 10,000 square feet and mandates for small home energy labeling. 
Chicago Meets Better Buildings Challenge Energy Goals: The U.S. Department of Energy recognized Chicago at the 2018 Better Buildings Summit for achieving energy goals they set as partners in the Better Buildings Challenge.
Vancouver Transitions Fleet to 100% Renewable Fuel: Vancouver authorized a contract that will transition all of the city's diesel vehicles to 100% renewable diesel to advance their goal of reducing GHG emissions 50% by 2030 from city operations.
USDN/CNCA Members Commit to Net Zero Carbon Buildings: Copenhagen, London, Los Angeles, Montreal, New York City, Portland OR, San Francisco, San Jose, Santa Monica, Stockholm, Sydney, Toronto, Vancouver, and Washington DC signed the C40 Net Zero Carbon Buildings Declaration, which commits them to enacting policies to ensure all buildings are net zero carbon by 2050.

Climate Resilience

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USDN Members Prepare for Urban Heat: Chicago, Los Angeles, Louisville, Phoenix, and Seattle are working to prepare for and mitigate urban heat by increasing tree shade and green roofs, providing cooling options in public spaces, and/or requiring cool roofs.

Social Equity

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Smart City PDX
Portland OR Adopts Equity-Focused Criteria for Smart Cities Efforts: Portland OR adopted the Smart City PDX Priorities Framework that will embed equity-focused criteria into the decision-making and evaluation process for smart city projects, plans, and policies. 
 New York City Expands Low-Income Bike Share Benefits: New York City expanded their discounted bike share to residents receiving SNAP benefits and launched a public outreach campaign and alternative payment options.

Urban Sustainability

Lancaster Earns LEED for Cities Gold Certification: Lancaster is among the first cities to achieve gold certification from the LEED for Cities, a program that requires cities to measure and improve performance related to ongoing sustainability efforts.  
USDN Member Communities Announce Shared Mobility Programs: Baltimore, Bloomington, Fayetteville, Northampton, and Seattle recently launched shared mobility programs that include dockless bikes, electric-assist bikes, and/or electric-assist scooters. 
USDN Members Featured on Sustainable Nation Podcast: Urban sustainability leaders, Jennifer Green from the City of Burlington, Barbara Buffaloe from the City of Columbiaand Debbie Raphael from the City and County of San Francisco, recently discussed their communities' climate action and sustainability efforts, development of partnerships, and advice for sustainability leaders with Sustainable Nation podcast's host Josh Prigge.