March 2015 Urban Sustainability Innovation Report

How Did USDN Increase Innovative Collaboration in the Network? How could the USDN Innovation Fund increase member participation in developing high-quality projects for grants? The Fund's Steering Committee designed an experiment. Here's what it learned. More »

Regional Sustainability Networks Step It Up. USDN-supported regional networks of city sustainability directors are expanding to other cities and taking on innovative projects. What will they do next? More »

Sea-Level Rise and Flooding-Lessons from a Peer Exchange. Five Northeastern cities met to discuss common concerns and ended up collaborating on big next steps. More »

Equity Approaches in Sustainability Programs. USDN members commissioned a scan of various local government programs that consider equity issues in sustainability programs to provides insights, examples, and recommendations for cities. More »

USDN Members Taking Actions to Consider Equity in 2015. With support from its foundation partners - the Kresge Foundation and the Kendeda Fund - USDN is launching several activities to help local governments address equity in their work and department staffs. More »

Innovator Profile. It took a while for Brendan Shane, former sustainability director in Washington DC, to see how collaborating with other cities could lead to innovations his city could use, but, he says, once he started "to connect the dots and see the value of these network relationships, and the opportunity to get funded together-now there are so many ideas to work on that we have to decide which ones to prioritize." More »

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