October 2016 Urban Sustainability Innovation Report

October 2016 - Moving Sustainable Innovations from Concept to Scale

USDN Family of Funds: Moving Sustainable Innovations from Concept to Scale – How are USDN’s various funding mechanisms collectively working to advance urban sustainability goals?  How do they complement and enhance each other?  Learn more here.  MORE »

Peer Learning Exchange: The Field-Building Power of Convening – USDN’s core value of peer learning manifests itself in this funding mechanism as USDN members share and spread initiatives.  MORE »

USDN Innovation Fund: Accepting Innovation Risk and Collaboratively Exploring – What if no one assumed the financial risk of exploring unproven concepts, refining innovations, or testing good ideas that could improve sustainability through municipal government?  Understand the USDN Innovation Fund’s approach to field-building.  MORE »

CNCA Innovation Fund: Focusing on the Transformation to Carbon Neutrality – 20 cities on 5 continents have formed the Carbon Neutral Cities Alliance (CNCA) and are working together to redesign their energy, transportation, waste and water systems.  The goal is to eliminate carbon emissions.  What is their approach to innovation?  MORE »

Partners for Places: Connecting Partners to Implement Local Sustainability – More than just a granting mechanism, Partners for Places incentivizes local collaboration between governments, private partners, and philanthropies.  MORE »