December 2016 Urban Sustainability Innovation Report

December 2016 - Institutionalizing Sustainability in Government Operations

Investing in Change: Operationalizing Sustainability in Local Governments – Local governments are financing and embedding equity, environmental, and economic health priorities into their services, operations, and planning processes. Find out how USDN facilitates that process. MORE »

Swapping Good Practices: Connecting on Open Data, Budgets, and Sporting Events – USDN’s Peer Learning Exchange brings cities together to learn from each other on how to make local government operations more sustainable. This article provides cameos of some of these exchanges. MORE »

Local Moves towards Equity and Sustainability: Land Use Planning and Decision-Making – Partners for Places (P4P) supports work to improve how local governments approach planning and land use decisions - promoting more sustainable and healthy places for all members of the community, especially those most vulnerable or unfairly burdened by environmental or economic injustices. MORE »

Experimenting and Refining: Finance, Procurement, and Metrics – The CNCA and USDN Innovation Funds experiment with providing cities with tools for embedding environmental, economic, and equity best practice into local governments – from developing common sustainability reporting metrics to sustainable finance and procurement mechanisms. MORE »