November 2019

 GHG Reduction

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Community Energy Solar

Boston MA Updates Climate Action Plan: Boston MA released its updated Climate Action Plan, which outlines strategies to reduce carbon emissions from buildings and transportation and to advance community- and municipal-wide GHG emissions reduction goals of 100% by 2050.

Toronto ON Declares Climate Emergency: Toronto ON recently declared a climate emergency and commits to accelerating climate action including setting a net-zero GHG emissions goal by 2050 and improving the health, economy, and social equity of its residents.

San Antonio TX Sets Strategies for Climate Action and Adaptation: San Antonio TX City Council approved the Climate Action and Adaptation Plan, which commits the city to become carbon neutral by 2050.

Philadelphia PA Supports Regional Climate Collaborative to Accelerate Action: Philadelphia PA recently launched the Climate Collaborative of Greater Philadelphia, connecting local leaders, businesses, nonprofits, colleges, and institutions to coordinate climate action efforts.

Asheville NC to Fund Bus Charging Stations: Asheville NC recently received a $200,000 grant to fund five electric bus charging stations that were installed earlier this year.

Climate Resilience

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USDN Resilience Hubs

USDN Launches Resilience Hubs Website: USDN published a new website for all Resilience Hubs materials and information for external use by members, partners, and community organizations. In addition, USDN published a Resilience Hub Guidance document to assist in taking action.