February 2015 Urban Sustainability Innovation Report

USDN's Three Grant Funds for Member Use Topped $1.9 million in 2014, Supporting 43 Projects. USDN is aligning and leveraging grant funds that support member projects (Innovation Fund, Partners for Places, and Peer Exchange). More »

Partners For Places Leverages $2 Million in Local Foundation Investments. Partners for Places (P4P) is a partnership of the Funders' Network for Smart Growth and Livable Communities and USDN. The P4P Selection Committee develops RFPs and selects the recipients of the twice-annual grants. Formerly known as the Local Sustainability Matching Fund, half of all grants go to USDN members, and require matching funds from community foundations. More »

Peer Learning Exchange Provides Face-to-Face Time to Spread Best Practices. The Peer Learning Exchange Selection Committee provided over $30,000 in 2014 to support USDN members to get together to share, teach, and learn about an already developed and highly specific practice in one community - so the other community(ies) can adopt it. More »

Innovation Fund Has Impacted 73 Different USDN Member Communities. The Innovation Fund Steering Committee's mission is to assist USDN members and their partners in collaborating to develop and spread high-impact solutions for advancing urban sustainability. The Fund defines an innovation as the development or scaling of a new way for local governments to solve a problem or take advantage of an opportunity in urban sustainability. More »

USDN Innovation Fund Completes Fifth Year. 17 innovation projects were funded in 2014; $800,480 was awarded to those grants, and $24,000 was provided in technical support for the 2014 General RFP proposal development. There were new highs in USDN member engagement and approval. More »

Fund Gains Ground in Popularity and Impact. The USDN Innovation Fund achieved record highs of awareness, value, and participation in grant projects. The Fund's impact is growing. More »

Funders Support 2015 Investment in USDN-led Innovations. After investing more than $2.5 million in the Innovation Fund to support member awards and projects commissioned to meet USDN focus areas, 4 funders are providing $715,000 for 2015, supporting the Fund's strategic plan. More »

Partnering for Innovation. Innovation Fund projects increasingly team up with NGOs to strengthen projects and have field-building impact. More »

Fund Supporting Multi-Phase Projects. In 2014, the Fund supported "next phase" projects built on earlier grant awards and products - a new way of helping members develop their innovations. More »

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