January 2020

January 2020

 GHG Reduction

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Portland ME Adopts Climate Emergency Resolution: Portland ME adopted a resolution declaring a climate emergency after local youth shared their concerns about climate change and its impact on the community and the globe.

South Portland ME Passes Climate Emergency Resolution: The South Portland ME City Council approved a resolution to declare a climate emergency, making plans to set aside funding for future climate initiatives and to support federal climate policies, like a carbon tax.

San Leandro CA Approves Climate Emergency Resolution: San Leandro CA approved a climate emergency resolution with a call for regional collaboration on immediate just transition and emergency mobilization efforts. 

Bend OR Approves Climate Action Plan: Bend OR passed a Community Climate Action Plan that provides a framework to achieve a 70% decrease in fossil fuel use by 2050 and encourages the community to take voluntary actions to support a sustainable future.

Beaverton OR Adopts Climate Action Plan: Beaverton OR City Council recently approved its first Climate Action Plan, a framework for achieving zero GHG emissions by 2050 and adapting to a changing climate through actions in consumption, building energy, transportation, natural systems, and community well-being.

Tempe AZ Approves Climate Action Plan: The Tempe AZ City Council approved a Climate Action Plan, the second city in Arizona to do so, highlighting resilience hubs, transportation demand management, green infrastructure, and international green construction codes as actions to address climate change. 

Iowa City IA Plans for Accelerated Climate Action: In response to the recent climate emergency declaration, Iowa City IA released an action report detailing strategies to reach their new climate goals of 45% reduction of community-wide GHG emissions by 2030 and net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. 

Asheville NC Issues Renewable Energy Roadmap: Asheville NC and Buncombe County NC released a joint Renewable Energy Roadmap, highlighting strategies and actions to advance their 100% renewable energy goal. 

Boston MA Requires New Municipal Buildings to be Zero Net Carbon: Boston MA's Mayor signed an executive order requiring new municipal building construction to be low-energy and fossil fuel-free and meet annual energy needs from a mix of on- and off-site renewable energy assets.

Portland OR Regional Transit Agency Identifies Carbon Reduction Actions: TriMet, the Portland OR regional public transit agency, in partnership with the city, Portland General Electric, and other organizations, committed to eight carbon reduction actions including the development of a net zero carbon strategy.

Climate Resilience

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Austin TX Works with Local Nonprofit to Offset Carbon: Austin TX is working with a local organization who is planting saplings on private land for erosion prevention and for the city to purchase the carbon credits generated from the new trees over the next two and a half decades.

Urban Sustainability

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Philadelphia PA to Create Building Energy Performance Program: Philadelphia PA City Council approved a bill requiring large buildings to either submit high energy performance certification or tune-up existing energy systems to a state of good repair.

Somerville MA New Citywide Zoning Ordinance Passes with Sustainability Components: Somerville MA passed a new citywide zoning ordinance with sustainability and climate-oriented regulations including green building standards in redevelopment areas.