January 2021

 GHG Reduction

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Healthy Climate Fee Proposed for Portland OR's Largest GHG Emitters: Portland OR is reviewing a proposal for a fee on large facilities producing 2,500 metric tons or more of carbon a year and an annual surcharge on major sources of air pollution under the Clean Air Act or those with air contaminant permits to help raise money to fight climate change.

San Jose and Oakland CA Prohibit Natural Gas Infrastructure: San Jose CA will ban natural gas infrastructure in new commercial and high-rise residential buildings and Oakland CA will apply a ban to all residential and commercial construction.

San Francisco CA Bars Natural Gas in New Construction: The San Francisco CA Board of Supervisors approved legislation prohibiting natural gas in new buildings that apply for building permits after June 30, 2021 with the exception of restaurant stoves, affecting planned development of 54,000 homes and 32 million square feet of commercial space.

New York City Buildings Required to Show Energy Efficiency Ratings: All commercial and residential buildings in New York City that are larger than 25,000 square feet are now required to post energy efficiency letter grades at the entrance of their buildings, based on benchmarks set by the U.S. EPA.

Boston MA Releases Zero-Emission Vehicle Roadmap: Boston MA released their Zero-Emission Vehicle Roadmap, accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles and other zero-emission transportation, starting with the installation of public EV charging stations in all neighborhood municipal lots.

Social Equity and Community Engagement

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Curbed Detroit

Detroit MI Seeks Feedback on New Transportation Plan: Detroit MI launched a Streets for People Program and is seeking public comment for their plan prioritizing safe, accessible streets with improved mobility options to reduce pollution and provide equitable access for all residents.

St. Louis MO Launches Solar Apprenticeship Program: St. Louis MO is piloting a Solar Workforce Development program that will pay participants while they learn the suite of skills and services and go through training needed for them to get a job in solar array installation.

Tempe AZ Partners on an Equity in Climate Action Course: Tempe AZ has partnered with Arizona State University to provide an Equity in Climate Action course with a goal of teaching students to understand how climate action and social justice are inextricably linked and to advise the city on developing its Climate Action Plan update.

Urban Sustainability 

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USDN Members Selected as CDP A List Cities: CDP selected 27 USDN members across North America for their list of 88 cities around the world who are leading the transition to a climate-safe future and setting examples for other cities to follow.

Holland MI Approves Residential Recycling Cart Contract: The Holland MI City Council approved a contract to provide about 9,500 RFID-equipped residential recycling carts that will allow the city to start collecting recycling data in April 2021.

Fremont CA Releases Results from Police Department EV Pilot Program: Fremont CA released results from their Electric Patrol Vehicle Pilot Program testing a Tesla Model S 85, showing that it exceeded performance and operational objectives, withstood rigorous police use requiring minimal maintenance, and is cost-effective.

St. Louis MO Launches Electric Bus Charging Management System: As part of the U.S.’s largest battery-electric bus fleet charging project, St. Louis Metro Transit will be rolling out a management system that could help save more than 30% in operational charging costs.