June 2018 Urban Sustainability Bulletin

 GHG Reduction

Minneapolis Adopts 100 Percent Renewable Energy Goal: Minneapolis approved a resolution that pledges to achieve 100% renewable electricity for municipal facilities and operations by 2022 and city-wide by 2030.
Portland OR Video on Climate Action: Portland OR recently released a video on their progress on climate action.
Toronto Receives Funding for Low Carbon Projects: Toronto received $52 million CAN from the province for 10 low carbon projects that accelerate the implementation of TransformTO, the city's climate action plan.
Fort Collins Is On Track to Meet Climate Target: Fort Collins announced that their carbon emissions in 2017 were 17% lower than 2005 levels, which puts the city on track to meet their 2020 GHG reduction goal.

Climate Resilience

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Metrolink Climate Resilience Strategy: Metrolink, a public transportation agency in Ontario, released their climate resilience strategy. 

Social Equity

Portland OR Releases 2018-2020 Strategic Plan: Portland OR published their 2018-2020 strategic plan that establishes a pathway for their initiatives to move forward in key areas, such as low-carbon built environment and waste reduction, by aligning resources and actions with partners and focusing on equitable engagement and development.
Partners for Places Equity Pilot Products: Partners for Places supported a series of equity pilot projects in 2016. Projects supporting incorporating equity into sustainability in Baltimore, Knoxville, Las Cruces, and Providence recently concluded.

Urban Sustainability

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Cincinnati Adopts Green Plan: Cincinnati adopted the 2018 Green Cincinnati Plan that focuses on sustainability, equity, and resilience through 80 high impact strategies to reduce their carbon emissions 80% by 2050, with a particular focus on energy, food, transportation, and waste systems.
Five USDN Communities Receive Partners for Places Grants: USDN members Edmonton, Honolulu, Indianapolis, Los Angeles County, and Miami received Partners for Places grants for various projects, including developing a resilience strategy, public engagement, writing a climate plan, and more.
Washington DC Released Sustainability Progress Report: Washington DC released their sustainability report that shared accomplishments in equity and diversity, energy efficiency, active transportation, LEED Platinum recognition, and more.
Tacoma Released Annual Environmental Action Plan Progress Report: Tacoma completed its second annual Environmental Action Plan Progress Report that shared its targets in building and energy, transportation, materials management, and more.
Bellevue Certified as 4-STAR Sustainable Community: Bellevue was certified as a 4-STAR Sustainable Community, excelling particularly in STAR's Built Environment goal area for the city's parks and park acreage, bringing the total number of USDN members certified by STAR to 41.