June 2021

 GHG Reduction

Pittsburgh PA Commits to Carbon Neutrality by 2050: Pittsburgh PA’s mayor committed the city to becoming carbon neutral by 2050 through actions including adding EVs to the municipal fleet, transitioning street lights to LED lights, and funding energy efficiency improvements.

Missoula County MO Adopts Zoning Regulation for Cryptocurrency Mining: Missoula County MO adopted zoning regulations that require cryptocurrency mining operations to be built outside of residential areas and use renewable energy sources.

Regional Utility to Close Coal Plant Near Lawrence KS: Local utility company Evergy will close the coal-fired plant near Lawrence KS, the company’s oldest, by the end of 2023 as part of their plan to reach net-zero emissions by 2045.

Ithaca NY Adopts New Energy Code: Ithaca NY adopted an Energy Code Supplement to enforce code requirements for new buildings and renovations to reduce their GHG emissions and work towards their goal of carbon neutrality by 2030.

King County WA Strategic Climate Action Plan Approved: King County WA unanimously approved their Strategic Climate Action Plan, which includes the goals of cutting GHG emissions in half, revising green building codes, planting millions of trees, and improving access to public transit by 2030.

Miami Beach FL Adopts Climate Change Resolution: The Miami Beach City Commission unanimously adopted a climate change resolution, supplementing their Climate Action Plan in development, that pledges the net-zero GHG emissions by 2050.

Honolulu HI Releases Annual Sustainability Report and Climate Action Plan: Honolulu HI released a 2021 Annual Sustainability Report and their first climate action plan which includes a community-driven strategy to meet Paris climate agreement goals and reach net-zero emissions by 2045.

Chicago IL Commits to Strategic Priorities for Green Covid Recovery: Chicago IL’s Mayor is advancing four strategic priorities, including developing a climate action plan, a building decarbonization strategy, and renewable electricity generation as part of its green recovery from COVID-19.

Charleston SC Approves Climate Action Plan: Charleston SC’s City Council voted to approve their proposed climate action plan which outlines 12 strategies and 51 action items to help them reach their goal of net-zero emissions by 2050.

Climate Resilience 


New York NY Releases Stormwater Resiliency Plan: New York City NY released their first Stormwater Resiliency Plan, providing an analysis of flooding caused by extreme rainfall and goals and initiatives for resilient stormwater management, integrating climate projections into their long-term drainage planning, changing their flash flood emergency response, and increasing public communication for rainfall-based flooding.

Urban Sustainability 

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National Wildlife Federation

USDN Members Recognized in EPA's Green Power Partnership Top 30 Local Governments: The EPA recognized 19 USDN Members in their list of Top 30 Local Governments who used a combined nearly 5 billion kW hours of green power as of April 2021.

Oakland CA Staff Member Receives NextGen Public Service Award: Oakland CA’s Climate Program Manager, Shayna Hirshfield-Gold, received a 2021 NextGen Public Service Award in the NextGen Advocate category.

Breckenridge CO Celebrates 10th Anniversary of SustainableBreck Program: Breckenridge CO is celebrating the 10th anniversary of their SustainableBreck program which has worked to increase renewables, provide EV infrastructure, and reduce waste.

Houston TX and Solar United Neighbors Create Citywide Solar Co-op: Houston TX’s Mayor announced that the city is partnering with SUN to launch a city-wide solar co-op to support residents who want to install rooftop solar power.

Los Angeles CA Becomes Certified NWF Biodiversity Haven: Los Angeles CA is the United States’ largest city to earn a biodiversity haven certification from NWF due to their efforts to support native wildlife and natural areas, including creating more green spaces and reducing chemical pesticide and fertilizer use.

Indianapolis IN Releases Progress Report on 2019 Sustainability Plan: Indianapolis IN released a report detailing their progress in achieving the goals of their Sustainability Plan, including certifying 36 buildings for energy efficiency, planting 16,445 trees, and a 77% increase in city rain gardens.