December 2020

 GHG Reduction

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Vancouver BC Approves Climate Emergency Action Plan: The Vancouver BC City Council approved a Climate Emergency Action Plan with a goal of reducing GHG emissions 50% by 2030 through energy efficient construction and retrofits, pedestrian friendly infrastructure, and urban forestry expansion for carbon capture.

Portland and South Portland ME Adopt a Joint Climate Action Plan: South Portland ME and Portland ME adopted a joint climate and adaptation plan with goals including reducing GHG emissions 80% by 2050, transitioning municipal operations to 100% renewable energy by 2040, and building neighborhood resilience.

Lansing MI Creates City Operations CAP and Sustainability Commission: The Mayor of Lansing MI announced an executive order to create its first Climate Action Plan and a Mayor’s Advisory Commission on Sustainability to help the city reduce its carbon impact, increase energy efficiency, reduce waste, and reach other sustainability goals.

Ann Arbor MI Launches Climate Ambassador Program: Ann Arbor MI is launching their Climate Ambassador Program, meant to provide residents and students leadership training and the tools to advance carbon neutrality and sustainability activities in their neighborhoods and to help the city reach its carbon neutrality goal.

Climate Resilience 

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Boston MA Releases Resilience Plans for Two Neighborhoods: Boston MA released a Downtown and Northend and a Dorchester climate resilience plan to support solutions for coastal flooding, increasing access and open space along the waterfront, and enhancing public-private collaborations.

Social Equity and Community Engagement


Portland OR Working to Reverse Racist Land-Use Policies: Portland OR is developing a plan to restore a South Portland neighborhood that was systematically destroyed by car-centric highway projects, racist urban renewal plans, and redlining, including new sidewalks and bike lanes.

Urban Sustainability 

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Hawaii News Now

Honolulu HI Recognized as 2020 APA Public Agency of the Year: Honolulu HI’s Office of Climate Change, Sustainability, and Resiliency received a 2020 award from the American Planning Association’s Hawaii Chapter in the Public Agency category due to their effective partnerships with state and city departments and agencies as well as their community engagement efforts.

Montgomery County MD Approves Green Building Incentive Program: Montgomery County MD approved an innovative green building incentive program for new and existing commercial/multi-unit properties, including bonus incentives for green building certifications.

Los Angeles CA Joins NWF Wildlife Habitat Program: Los Angeles CA is partnering with the National Wildlife Federation Community Wildlife Habitat program, promoting gardens and landscapes composed of native flora to help restore local urban ecosystems.