April 2017 Urban Sustainability Innovation Report

April 2017 - Innovation Development and Scaling for Urban Water Practices

Water Conservation Advanced by 2030 Districts: Supported by Partners for Places, Austin TX and Stamford CT implement districts designed to reduce water and energy consumption – 2030 Districts have emerged as a viable model to advance urban sustainability goals, as designated areas commit to reducing water and energy consumption. Read on to understand the model and impacts. MORE»

Green Infrastructure Spreads and Scales: In the past decade, Green Infrastructure (GI) has gone from an innovative urban design concept to a practice many communities are now embracing – Partners for Places invests in the equitable distribution of GI benefits, GI education, and the spreading of best stormwater management practices in Bridgeport CT, Buffalo NY, and Burlington VT. Learn about these projects, as well as a GI learning network instigated by USDN members. MORE»

Water Reuse: Chula Vista takes water management and resiliency to the next level to combat the effects of chronic drought – A 2015 Partners for Places investment tackles the California drought. Keep reading to learn about water reuse strategies. MORE»

Making the Water Energy Nexus Real: Stockholm explores the feasibility of energy extraction from food waste in their water system – A 2016 CNCA Innovation Fund grant to the City of Stockholm is allowing them to explore the feasibility of source separating wastewater flows. See what they are working on now. MORE»

Water Innovator Profile: Erick Shambarger (Milwaukee, WI) talks about being a Water Centric City and managing water resources in sustainable and resilient ways – Because Milwaukee is built on water, a strong cross-sector collaboration around sustainable water management has emerged. Milwaukee’s Erick Shambarger discusses leading by example on urban water issues. MORE»