March 2021

 GHG Reduction

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Climate Action Plan News

Santa Clara County CA Adopts a Sustainability Master Plan: Santa Clara County CA adopted a Sustainability Master Plan that presents short and long-term actions to meet 8 goals including carbon neutrality, resilience and mitigation, clean air and water, protecting natural lands, creating healthy communities, and being more equitable and inclusive.

Denver CO Announces New Net Zero Energy Plan: Denver CO has developed a comprehensive Net Zero Energy Plan that includes goals, milestones, and targets for new buildings and homes to achieve net zero energy by 2030 through efficiency, electrification, and renewable energy.

Seattle WA Approves Gas Ban for New Large Buildings: Seattle WA approved an ordinance to ban natural gas for space and water heating in new commercial and apartment buildings taller than 3 stories and prohibits gas space heating for heating replacements in older buildings.

Climate Resilience 


USDN Members Join Partnership to Support Urban Forestry: USDN members Pittsburgh PA, Denver CO, Eugene OR, and New York NY are working with Cambium Carbon to pilot urban reforestation programs helping them to address air pollution, heat islands, and climate change impacts.

Miami FL Announces New Climate Resilience Project Partnership: Miami FL is partnering with The Nature Conservancy to develop the Morningside Park Resilient Shoreline Project, meant to be a safeguard for their waterfront and a prototype for future nature-based infrastructure solutions.

Tacoma WA to Revamp Parks Before Sea Levels Rise: Tacoma WA is preparing to build new park facilities further inland as one step to address future infrastructure challenges with their parks as sea levels rise along the coast.

San Diego CA Launches Climate Resiliency Campaign: San Diego CA is launching Climate Resilience SD to engage with the public to inform their adaptation strategies with equity components to address severe wildfires, droughts, flooding, sea level rise, and extreme heat and will consider the effects of climate change on the economy.

Social Equity and Community Engagement


Pittsburgh PA Releases Food Action Plan: Pittsburgh PA released a comprehensive plan with community-centered strategies including enhancing coordination and communication among existing food systems’ resources and agencies; centering equity, sustainable agriculture, and environmental stewardship; and supporting a robust regional food economy that benefits everyone.

Atlanta GA Releases Housing Affordability Action Plan: Atlanta GA released the One Atlanta: Housing Affordability Action Plan to increase the availability of housing for the growing population, which includes goals to improve building and zoning codes and to establish a Housing Innovation Lab.

Sacramento CA Approves Citywide Zoning Reforms: The Sacramento CA City Council voted to eliminate traditional single-family zoning, allowing residential parcels to contain up to four dwelling units in an effort to alleviate their affordable housing crisis, while also eliminating parking minimums.

Asheville NC Engages with BIPOC Communities for Climate Justice Initiative: Asheville NC provided an update following its declaration of climate emergency including the development of a Climate Justice Data Map and engagement efforts with BIPOC community leaders to understand the climate challenges in frontline communities.

Ann Arbor MI Engages Community on Sustainability Goals with Forums: Ann Arbor MI is holding a virtual annual sustainability forum series spotlighting their A2Zero Climate Action Plan and how residents can help the city reach their goals including more sustainable food systems, waste reduction, and energy efficiency.

Santa Barbara CA Launches Together to Zero Campaign: Santa Barbara CA launched their Together to Zero/Juntos a Cero campaign to engage the public in their climate action planning process through surveys and virtual events including webinars and neighborhood listening sessions.

Los Angeles CA Partners with University of Southern California for Urban Trees Initiative: Los Angeles CA and USC will work together to plant an urban forest in the Eastside communities of the city, which have been historically underserved and most impacted by pollution, lack of shade, and heat islands.

Fort Collins CO Adopts Housing Strategic Plan: Fort Collins CO adopted a Housing Strategic Plan to address the rising cost of housing and its disproportionate impact on marginalized and low-income communities through increasing housing supply, affordability, diversity, equity, and stability.

New York City NY Releases Food Policy Plan: New York City NY released their first ten year food policy plan called Food Forward NYC with goals including access to healthy, affordable, and culturally appropriate food for all residents and sustainable production, distribution, and disposal of food.

Urban Sustainability 

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ACEEE Ranks Small Cities on Clean Energy: The ACEEE analyzed and ranked 30 small U.S. cities in five states - including USDN members San Luis Obispo CA, Manhattan Beach CA, West Hollywood CA, Rockville MD, Dublin CA, Rochester MN, Takoma Park MD, and Bloomington MN - on policies and programs to reduce energy usage and to embrace clean energy.

USDN Members Join We Are Still in Climate Campaign: 89 USDN member communities are among the 1,500 U.S. cities, states, tribal nations, businesses, universities, faith groups, cultural institutions, and healthcare organizations that signed the We Are Still In pledge, encouraging the incoming administration and federal policymakers to recommit to the Paris Climate Agreement and lead a national response to climate change.

Cambridge MA Mandates Climate Warnings on Gas Pumps: Cambridge MA is the first city in the U.S. to mandate climate warnings on gas pumps through yellow stickers that warn drivers about the major consequences of burning gasoline, diesel, and ethanol.

Boston MA Announces Community Choice Electricity Program: Boston MA announced a Community Choice Electricity program through a partnership with the local utility that provides an opt-out program for customers to choose an affordable electricity option and utilize renewable energy.

Bozeman MT, Missoula MT, and Helena MT Partner on Clean Energy: USDN members Bozeman and Missoula MT are partnering with Helena MT to hire a consultant to develop a green tariff program with their local utility, allowing customers to pay a special rate to get their energy sourced from renewables.

Cleveland OH to Launch Circular Cleveland Initiative: Cleveland OH is launching a 2-year initiative called Circular Cleveland to help the city design a circular economy system that eliminates waste and pollution, keeps products and materials in use for a long time, and creates new jobs.

Lawrence KS Incorporates Green New Deal Principles in City Plans: Lawrence KS will incorporate elements of the Green New Deal into their city plans including goals related to environmentally sustainable jobs and infrastructure.

Philadelphia PA Releases Transit Plan: Philadelphia PA released a transit plan to provide safe, equitable, and affordable transportation through actions, including improving bus stop infrastructure, adding new bus lanes, and adopting electric buses.