December 2019

 GHG Reduction


Providence RI Releases Climate Justice Plan: The Providence RI Sustainability Office and the Racial and Environmental Justice Committee of Providence released a Climate Justice Plan that outlines strategies to create a truly equitable, low-carbon, and climate resilient city.

Iowa City IA Publishes 2019 Iowa City Climate Action and Adaptation Plan Update: Iowa City IA published an annual report highlighting progress since 2019, 2018 community-wide GHG emissions, and what actions are upcoming.

New Westminster BC Approves Framework for Local Climate Action: New Westminster BC recently voted to approve a plan that lays out seven steps as a framework to address the climate emergency at a local level.

Ann Arbor MI Shifts to a 2030 Carbon Neutral Goal: The Ann Arbor MI City Council voted to approve a more aggressive response to climate change, shifting its community-wide emissions reduction goal from 90% by 2050 to carbon neutral by 2030.

Portland OR Shares Multnomah County OR Emissions Report: Portland OR released a report sharing Multnomah County's 2017 data on GHG emissions and associated population and economic trends. Emissions reductions have plateaued at 15% below 1990 levels despite 38% more people and 34% more jobs.

Climate Resilience

Social Equity

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Los Angeles CA Initiative Will Help Cool Vulnerable Communities: Los Angeles CA started a program focused on cooling the city's hottest neighborhoods by adding shade, providing hydration stations, and installing cooling pavement, among other proposed steps.

Providence RI Creates Health Dashboard to Collect Local Health Data: In an effort to address the city's racial and socioeconomic disenfranchisement when it comes to health services, Providence RI has created a dashboard that incorporates an environmental and equity lens as a tool to support public health research.

Urban Sustainability

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Knoxville TN Installs Energy- and Cost-Efficient LED Street Lights: Knoxville TN has replaced more than 28,000 of their street lights with LED bulbs as a cost-saving and carbon reduction measure.

Plan Approved to Prepare Toronto ON for Automated Vehicles by 2022: Toronto ON's plan with five action steps for city staff, including an autonomous shuttle trial, has been approved as a part of preparations to make the city autonomous vehicle ready by 2022.