January 2016 Urban Sustainability Innovation Report

Professional Development for Local Government Sustainability Directors:  The path for individual professional development in the urban sustainability field isn’t clear. In 2011, a group of USDN members created a robust, and still relevant, toolkit.  MORE»

Engaging the Community One Sector at a Time:  What do Greenovate Boston, Sustainable Cleveland 2019, and Sustainable DC have in common? Sector-focused engagement programs with strong strategies and replicable designs.  MORE»

Scaling Local Energy Production Opportunities through Microgrids:  A new wave of microgrid exploration.  MORE»

Civic Tech: The Softer, Community-Facing Side of Technology:  How local government business-as-usual is changing with use of civic technology.  MORE»

Governors and Mayors Commit to Deep Emission Reductions to Drive Global Climate Agreement:  States, Provinces and Cities Lead Global Economy’s Transformation.  MORE»

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