November 2021

Social Equity and Community Engagement

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SpeakUp Austin!

Austin TX Approves Climate Equity Plan: Austin TX adopted their Climate Equity Plan, which includes a goal of taking an equitable approach to reaching net-zero emissions by 2040, mainly by cutting GHG emissions by 2030.

Cambridge MA Working to Increase Underrepresented People in Government Leadership: The Cambridge MA City Council approved a policy to develop a plan to increase BIPOC representation in municipal leadership through recruitment, training, and the availability of more leadership opportunities.

 GHG Reduction

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Environment Maryland

Cedar Rapids IA Adopts Community Climate Action Plan: Cedar Rapids IA adopted a Community Climate Action Plan with steps that residents, neighborhood groups, industrial partners, businesses, and city officials can take towards reducing their emissions and increasing their resiliency.

Baltimore MD Divests City Pension Funds from Fossil Fuels: Mayor Brandon M. Scott of Baltimore MD signed a mandate requiring their three pension funds to divest from the fossil fuel industry to support new measures for fighting climate change.

Boston MA Approves Ordinance for Zero Emissions for Large Buildings: Boston MA approved an ordinance that sets emissions targets and reporting requirements for buildings over 20,000 sq.ft., establishes the Emissions Review Board with community representation to increase accountability and transparency, and creates an environmental justice Buildings Emissions Investment Fund.

Urban Sustainability 

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City of Asheville

Columbus OH to Build Large Solar Park: Columbus OH partnered with AEP Energy to build a large-scale solar park on a former landfill in the next year, powering 5,000 homes through their electric aggregation program.

Santa Barbara CA Launches Locally Controlled Electricity Provider: Santa Barbara CA launched Santa Barbara Clean Energy, a locally-controlled electricity provider for residents and business owners, to offer green energy options and reliable service.

Pittsburgh PA to Stop Demolishing Condemned Houses: Pittsburgh PA has released a plan to start deconstructing rather than demolishing homes both to salvage and reuse materials and reduce the amount of energy it takes to create new materials.

Asheville NC Adopts Pedestrian-Supportive Zoning Plan: Asheville NC adopted their Urban Place Form Code District with recommendations for higher-density, mixed-used development that are pedestrian and biker friendly.