October 2014 Urban Sustainability Innovation Report

Figuring Out "Sustainable Consumption:" What is it? How do you measure it? What can you do about it? The topic generates great interest, and now two projects supported by the USDN Innovation Fund are on the way to answering these and other basic questions. More »

When Communities in a Region Tackle Adaptation Together: In four U.S. regions, dozens of cities and urban counties are banding together to pursue adaptation planning in new ways. Working together makes them more effective. More »

Local Innovation Funds? Some USDN members have created their own innovation funds to support on-the-ground efforts. Is this the beginning of a new resource for urban sustainability? More »

Lessons on Urban Water Systems: California's water scarcity gets all the headlines, but the transition to sustainable water management is underway in cities across the United States, whether they are "dry" or "wet." A USDN learning group gathered lessons about the new factors facing management of urban water systems. Cities involved: Ann Arbor, Boston, Cincinnati, Denver, Dubuque, El Paso, Iowa City, Knoxville, Los Angeles, Miami, Milwaukee, Santa Monica, Tucson, and Washington, D.C. More »

A Roadmap for Investing in a City's Food Sector: The roadmap, commissioned by USDN members, outlines steps to establish a local vision, inventory food assets and gaps, evaluate investment options, and select policies to improve local food successes. It also presents a scan of economic benefits of food businesses from local and national data. More »

Innovator Profile: Babe O'Sullivan (Eugene, Oregon) is taking the lead on four USDN innovation projects at the same time. What was she thinking? More »

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