Table of Contents

Innovation Lab - Concept Developing and Prototyping: Learning resources to understand the topic.

Innovation Lab - Refinement: Tools and guides to inform developing programs.

Adoption Accelerator - Standards Emerging and Scaling: Implementation examples to show how it is being done.

Innovation Lab - Concept Developing and Prototyping:

Learning resources to understand the topic.

Climate Adaptation Framework and Indicator Evaluation: A collaborative effort to evaluate several existing adaptation frameworks and assess the need for and feasibility of developing a framework for cities to use, including a guide to developing urban climate adaptation indicators, a spreadsheet of sample adaptation indicators, and a presentation that explains the project. (USDN Innovation Fund, 2016). 
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Sustainable Consumption Breakthrough Convening: A convening of municipal sustainability staff, international researchers, policy experts, and NGO representatives to advance the topic of sustainable consumption from the conceptual phase toward actionable programs and policies within a municipal government context. The outcomes of this convening are heavily informing the ongoing work with Sustainable Consumption. (USDN Innovation Fund, 2015).
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Understanding Sustainable Consumption: A project to define sustainable consumption, develop metrics, and assess the degree to which sustainable consumption activities contribute to goals of economic prosperity, social equity and environmental health. (USDN Innovation Fund, 2015).
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Innovation Lab - Refinement: Tools and guides to inform developing programs.

Sustainable Economic Development Breakthrough Convening: A 1.5 day facilitated workshop was held in 2016 to enhance coordination and communication between urban sustainability and economic development professionals. Due to deep interest in common measurements for sustainable economic development, this convening also resulted in a paper on SED metrics. (USDN Innovation Fund, 2017).
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Leading STAR Community Indicators:  A meaningful subset of the existing STAR metrics to provide an easier platform for annual reporting and comparison between cities, as well as an accessible entry point into the STAR rating system for cities, including a methodology guide and data collection worksheets. (USDN Innovation Fund, 2016).
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Triple Bottomline Calculator: A calculator to measure the comparative benefits (environmental, economic, and social) of sustainability projects and programs. (USDN Innovation Fund, 2012). 
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Adoption Accelerator - Standards Emerging and Scaling: Implementation examples to show how it is being done.

GIS Tool to Integrate Environmental, Social, and Health Data in New Orleans LA: A project to create a GIS tool that collects environmental, social, and health outcome data to better inform the City and developers on how, where, and when to incorporate "green". (Partners for Places, 2015).
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Dashboard of Neighborhood Assets and Sustainability Metrics in Memphis and Shelby County: An interactive dashboard for Memphis and Shelby County citizens mapping neighborhood assets, indicators, and metrics (Partners for Places, 2014). 
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Tools for Climate Equity in the Portland OR Climate Action Plan: An effort to integrate equity metrics and criteria into the Portland OR / Multnomah County Climate Action Plan. (Partners for Places, 2012). 
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