Catalyzing Sustainability Impact: A City-Led Process to Invest in High Impact Practices

High Impact Practices (HIPs)

USDN member communities have led a process in 2017-18 to identify High Impact Practices (HIPs) to help USDN and its partners increase impact through more strategic investments.

High Impact Practices are:

  • Practices with high aggregate impact potential across U.S. and Canadian cities (not a “must do” list for, nor necessarily even applicable to, every individual community).

  • Practices where cities are ready to make on-the-ground change in the next three years. Some may represent cutting edge advanced practices; others may represent established best practices with potential to scale much more widely.

  • Practices with high GHG reduction potential (members’ starting priority), each with potential to create other important benefits (e.g., resilience, equity, job creation).

Download HIPs Overview