Network Building Resources

If you are building a network of urban sustainability practitioners and/or are interested in becoming a USDN Partner Network, review these network startup resources, worksheets, presentations, and samples.

Network Building Best Practices Workbook

There are six foundational network building blocks that USDN considers network best practices. Interested networks can use the Network Best Practices Workbook to guide leadership teams in adopting these practices. Each practice contains a discussion worksheet and educational presentation.

  1. Create a network vision and purpose statement » Worksheet | Presentation
  2. Determine network governance » Worksheet | Presentation
  3. Coordinate communications between members » Worksheet | Presentation
  4. Host annual meetings for members » Worksheet | Presentation
  5. Define network membership » Worksheet | Presentation
  6. Create an annual work plan » Worksheet | Presentation

In 2016, USDN delivered a network building training course to 9 regional networks of sustainability directors. The training provided instruction, technical assistance, and support for the networks to implement the six Network Building Best Practices (above). The results of this process from each of the participating networks, including samples of completed workbooks, are available to interested networks.

Download samples »

Additional Resources for Network Builders