USDN Seeking Partnership for Member Experience Design

USDN seeks the services of an established consultancy or consultancies to develop an plan that further develops and weaves together our member experience planning, technology improvements, and branding and communications strategies. Our goal is to better deliver relevant information to constituents when and how they need it and to ensure our efforts across our front and back-end channels are aligned and create more value. As the scope of this planning and assessment project will require a variety of areas of expertise, we invite agencies to apply with proven partners if desired. 

Please see the full RFP for more details and guidance.

Key Dates:

  • Proposal deadline: August 19. USDN staff are available for a 30 minute call to discuss the RFP. 
  • Agency interviews complete: September 8
  • Phase I complete: January
  • If you believe more or less time is required to complete Phase I activities, please present that timeline in your proposal.