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USDN now helps partners, sustainability professionals, and our followers stay up to date with USDN members' innovations through the Urban Sustainability Innovation Report. This newsletter highlights our members' work on innovation development and scaling for sustainable urban water practices.

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January 2018 - Networking for Shared Mobility

Implementing Accessible Low Carbon Transit: Partners for Places and Peer Learning Exchange scale equitable and healthy transportation options. Developing geographical information systems, complete streets planning, trail network implementation, and EV preparations: all in a day’s work for USDN and Partners for Places Grantees. MORE »

Innovations in Urban Transportation: USDN and CNCA step up investments in sustainable transportation innovations. It can be difficult for sustainability directors to tackle transformation in the transportation sector, but they are doing it anyway. See what knowledge gaps they are closing to support the shift to low-carbon urban transit. MORE »

Cities and Autonomous Vehicles: CNCA kicks off research around autonomous vehicles in the Pacific Northwest. The Bullitt Foundation is equipping CNCA member cities to address new mobility services in a way that advances their broader goals through common regulatory and implementation strategies. MORE »

Transforming Transportation Systems: Dale Bracewell talks about how Vancouver proactively engineers their continual transportation evolution. How does one approach transportation management in a place that aspires to be the greenest city in the world? Vancouver’s Dale Bracewell explains.  MORE »