Partner with USDN

USDN members collaborate with a wide variety of organizations to advance shared goals.

As a peer network, USDN can help organizations learn about, connect with, and support local governments taking action on a range of issues related to urban sustainability. USDN staff help members to identify and act on strategic opportunities to advance their work through collaboration with partners. We are always eager to hear from organizations supporting the work of cities.

Partnerships between USDN members and external organizations most often coalesce around specific projects and involve a subset of our members. USDN occasionally enters into formal partnership agreements as a larger network. USDN is member-led and member-driven. Members direct how USDN shares information and engages with other organizations.

Examples of how USDN has collaborated with organizations to date include:

  • Sharing information with cities about events and offerings of support
  • Forging connections between organizations and USDN members with mutual interests
  • Inviting experts to join member peer learning calls
  • Advising organizations and philanthropic partners on program strategy
  • Providing funding to help groups of members explore innovative projects and ideas with partners
  • Enlisting partners to develop and offer training and support for cities
  • Sharing information to help partners understand and communicate about the work, impact, needs, and interests of cities

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