Our Partners

USDN forms action-oriented partnerships to advance network objectives and cultivate support for the work of USDN members.

Current partners include

  • Carbon Neutral Cities Alliance - USDN hosts the Carbon Neutral Cities Alliance, a collaboration of leading global cities working to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 80-100% by 2050 or sooner — the most aggressive GHG reduction targets undertaken anywhere by any city.
  • Architecture 2030, New Buildings Institute, Resource Media, Race Forward, and Movement Strategy Center – USDN members with ambitious energy goals are engaging with these partners through the Zero Cities Project to develop roadmaps for achieving ~zero net carbon buildings on a community-wide basis through collaboration with local partners.

  • Institute for Market Transformation – IMT is supporting two USDN collective action groups helping cities to: (1) leverage building energy benchmarking data to better drive upgrades; and (2) develop a playbook and strategies for increasing access to utility energy data.
  • ACEEE – ACEEE provides technical assistance to a USDN collective action group helping cities to develop local energy efficiency strategies.
  • Cadmus (formerly Meister Consultants Group) – Cadmus is providing training for USDN members on strategies for accelerating a transition to renewable energy sources.
  • Rocky Mountain Institute and World Resources InstituteRMI and WRI are helping USDN members to procure renewable energy.
  • Natural Resources Defense Council and Delivery Associates - NRDC and DA are working closely with USDN members as leads of the American Cities Climate Challenge.
  • ecoAmerica – ecoAmerica’s Path to Positive Communities campaign is developing and providing communications tools and training to help USDN members build support for climate action.
  • US Green Building Council – USDN members are exploring the potential to identify a set of common performance metrics that all communities could report on regularly and learn from in collaboration with USGBC.
  • Kapwa Consulting, Julia Parzen, and Race Forward – This expert team supports the USDN Equity Leaders Program providing professional development training and support to help USDN members at all stages to advance the practice of making equity central to their sustainability work.
  • Babe O’Sullivan – Babe is supporting USDN collective action groups on sustainable consumption through which members are collaborating on procurement policies and local repair events.
  • City Scale – City Scale provides strategic planning support to USDN on a range of issues including identifying and advancing progress on network-identified high impact practices.
  • Ullman Consulting – Ullman Consulting provide strategic planning support to USDN on issues related to network services.
  • National Adaptation Forum – Dozens of USDN members participated in the 2017 National Adaptation Forum, where USDN also collaborated with Movement Strategy Center and the Kresge Foundation to host a workshop on deepening collaboration between local governments and community partners in climate resilience planning.
  • Georgetown Climate Center – GCC engaged USDN members in the design of its online Climate Adaptation Clearinghouse and is providing resources to help USDN members learn from and contribute to resources shared through the Clearinghouse.
  • Other Ongoing Partnerships – USDN maintains important long-term collaborations with organizations including the The Funders Network, C40 Cities, the Institute for Sustainable Communities, ICLEI USA, CDP, and many others.

Interested in Collaborating with USDN?