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The Urban Sustainability Directors Network (USDN) is a peer-to-peer network of local government professionals from cities across the United States and Canada dedicated to creating a healthier environment, economic prosperity, and increased social equity. Our dynamic network enables sustainability directors and staff to share best practices and accelerate the application of good ideas across North America.

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USDN forges connections that foster innovative urban solutions.

USDN has over 135 members representing cities and counties in the United States and Canada with over 70 million in population.


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USDN is a project of Global Philanthropy Partnership (GPP).


Stay in touch with USDN to receive updates on key developments in the field and innovative new products released by members.

USDN now helps partners, sustainability professionals, and our followers stay up to date with USDN members' innovations through the monthly Urban Sustainability Innovation Report. This newsletter highlights our members' work on the cutting edge of urban sustainability innovation. Read more »